In the Flesh

 In the Flesh: Twenty Writers Explore the Body.  The idea for a book of writing about the body first came to me over ten years ago, and I worked for a while on it with my friend Sue Thomas. It went through various metamorphoses, lay dormant for a while and then, in collaboration with another friend, Lynne Van Luven, it was distilled into its current form and taken up by Brindle & Glass.

Each writer was invited to choose (or, in some cases, gently steered towards!)  a particular body part and asked to write a candid personal essay exploring that part and their relationship with it. The assumption was that writers  had to possess (or have possessed) a particular part in order to write about it. However, we abandoned this rule in the case of two very significant parts, as you will see below.

The twenty essays that resulted from our invitations are fascinating and utterly distinctive in content and tone.  Witty, sad, quirky, passionate: each one reads beautifully alone; put together, they create a fascinating, multi-dimensional portrait of the human body and our experience of living within it.


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Here’s the contents page:

Introduction: Prison and Paradise by Kathy Page and Lynne Van Luven

 Face, Hair, Tongue . . .

            Reading Faces, by Julian Gunn

            120,000 Strands, by Caroline Adderson

            The Tongue, from Childhood to Dotage, by Madeleine Thein

Skin, Eyes, Ears . . .

            What I Think of When I Think of Skin, by Taiaike Alfred

            Eyes, by Trevor Cole

            The Covert Ear, by Margaret Thompson

Brain, Hands, Feet . . .

            The Human Brain, by Lorna Crozier

            Hand Over Hand, by Kathy Page

            Pas de Deux, by Dede Crane

Vagina, Penis, Womb, Breasts, Ass . . .

My Vagina, by André Alexis

Twenty Questions, (Eight, really. It’s never as long as you think), by Merilyn Simmonds

My Womb Works, by Heather Kutai

Life With My Girls, by Lynne Van Luven

My Flat Cree Ass, by Candace Fertile

Bones, Blood, Heart, Back . . .

Cage of Bones, by Brian Brett

Blood Typing, by Susan Olding

A Serious Arteriopath, by Kate Pullinger

BAD Back, by Richard Steel

Kidney, Pancreas . . .

The Frankenstein Syndrome, or Giving Away the Body, by Stephen Gauer

 And Inside, Silence, by Sue Thomas