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 Paradise & Elsewhere by Kathy Page  UK: print at
 Canada & US: print and e-book at Barnes and Noble
 Order a signed copy of Paradise & Elsewhere direct from the author
In the Flesh In the Flesh print Munro’s Books
In the Flesh print  Chapters Indigo
In the Flesh e-book print
UK: In the Flesh  W H Smith
UK: print and e-book
Barnes and Noble
The Find  Munro’s Books
The Find
The Find
The Find
Alphabet e-book and print from
Alphabet e-book
 The Story of My Face book cover The Story of My Face  Munro’s Books
The Story of My Face
The Story of My Face
 Frankie Styne and the Silver Man  Order a signed copy of Frankie Styne direct from the author
 As In Music by Kathy Page Order a signed copy of As in Music direct from the author

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