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A Writer’s Life

The Horse on the Road

September 14, 2015
Horse on the road image from

The Horse on the Road The road is pretty much a straight one: highway, with various intersections and stop lights.  It passes a small shopping mall, a tiny airport,  various yards stacked with lumber , a used car lots, garages, two farmer’s markets.  To the left:  high ground, still snow-capped; to the right, glimpses of […]

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The Wishing Tree

July 4, 2015

While drinking coffee at the Cornerstone Café in Fernwood, I noticed  something flickering in one of the  trees across the road. The tree grew in the paved area by the Belfry Theatre–it was some kind of ornamental cherry,  I thought–low and unusually broad, the  lower ends of its branches either trimmed straight, or  growing in […]

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Living in The Mansions

September 2, 2014
Carlton Mansions

I now live in a forest on an island near Vancouver.  But it has not always been so, and I’ve been meaning to post this piece about Carlton Mansions for over a year.   I understand that the residents are still fighting the council’s latest attempts to evict them from 387 Coldharbour Lane, where I spent […]

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Paradise & Elsewhere in Upcoming4me

June 17, 2014

Paradise and Elsewhere  comes out in the USA this month. Here in Upcoming4me  is an article about the background to the book, and how one  the stories, “Low Tide,” was inspired by a trip to Oregon. For years, I carried the idea of a new short story collection in the back of my mind, yet did […]

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Kathy Page on the Blog Tour

June 9, 2014
Arnon Grunberg, from Writers at Work

We writers may not always admit it, but we love to know how other writers work, and, if my experience at readings is anything to go by, it’s something  readers find fascinating, too. Why should this be?  On the face of it a person sitting, standing (or even walking) at a desk, either typing or […]

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Reading in Real Time

December 21, 2013

It’s out! The current bright red issue of Canadian Notes & Queries celebrates the work of John Metcalf, writer, critic and editor extraordinaire. Tucked in amongst appreciations of John from Kim Jernigan, Clark Blaise, Caroline Adderson and many others, is a short story of mine, “G’Ming,” from the collection Paradise & Elsewhere, forthcoming with Biblioasis […]

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The Perfect Day (memoir)

February 2, 2013

This  piece, published in Carte Blanche,  centres on a day out with two nonagenarians: one of the last excursions my parents and I took together.    

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How it Grows (memoir)

November 16, 2011

This article about emigration, gardening and family, was first published in Aqua Magazine, p28 on.   Click to  read it in the turning pages magazine format  with original illustrations. The text is below. What I am planting, how it grows In one of those windy, sunny days when  the light and sound levels are in constant […]

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Lost & Found

May 3, 2011
Hunting Fossils

It’s with some trepidation that I stuff my suitcase with copies of my latest novel  and set out for Lost and Found: In Search of Extinct Species, an Explora International Conference at the Toulouse Natural History Museum. The last time I  attended an academic conference was during my research for The Find. The 2005 Symposium […]

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Coming Undone

January 16, 2011
Hornby Island Pterosaur

It’s unsettling when life imitates art,  and a story you have written starts to happen around you.   For example, shortly after I finished the Story of My Face, I met the teenage version of my character, Natalie, in a motel swimming pool near Vancouver airport.   She was called something else and she was in […]

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