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Kathy Page on the short story, an interview with Trevor Corkum

September 5, 2015
Kathy Page writer TC The short story form is chameleon and shape shifting, filled with infinite possibility. The best short fiction, I think, comes into being seemingly fully formed, completely original, sui generis. Who are the short story writers you admire most? What short fiction writers have had the biggest impact on your own work in this form? […]

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Fate of the Book: Fear Not, Beware, Some Great Art & One Happy Man

November 10, 2010
Carare Barer's book art

  Is the (paper) book dead?  What is its fate?  Will writers survive?   Will the next generation read? And if so, which platform/reader will they use? These questions, along with related topics (blogging, how to promote your book using social media etc.) were hot  panel topics at the book festivals I recently attended, rivalling […]

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Seven Minutes

August 16, 2010
Image form the jacket of The Find

Here is a  brief  reading from The Find made for a book club site.  I postponed making it because I expected, and dreaded, techno-trauma, but it turned out to be very easy – I simply talked to  my laptop about my two main characters, read a little from the novel and and then saved the […]

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Why fiction?

August 11, 2010
Stories are like water and air.

What’s the point of fiction? Why make things up? Throughout history, some people (and Plato was certainly one of them) have distrusted fiction. Periodically, and often when in the grip of a repressive government or ideology, a whole culture seems to go through a phase of feeling that way. If it didn’t really happen, the […]

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June 2, 2010

Readers often ask about imagery: is it  consciously or unconsciously created – and the answer is both. For example, the idea of flight, of leaving the ground and swimming in the air is a recurring one in The Find, and in writing the novel I was aware of it, but I was certainly not aware […]

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April 12, 2010

The following FAQ are archived from an older version of this site. Feel free to use CONTACT (left menu)  if you have a question about writing or  about Kathy Page’s books. Q. Is Simon Austen based on a real person? I have met several people who were in some ways like him. But, like most […]

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