Comments and Reviews

Praise for The Story of My Face:

“One of the most compelling, unsettling novels I’ve read in ages, which should appeal to fans of classy thrillers and literary fiction alike.”
Sarah Waters (Author of Fingersmith) Independent On SundayBooks of the Year.
“Natalie’s character is a triumph.. It’s rare to find a book that can not only move and thrill but also asks fundamental questions about religious belief and the nature of virtue and sin.”
Good Books Guide

“Her [Page’s] writing, mostly in the present tense, is lit with an immediate sense of period, summoning images which are by turns softly painterly, sharply filmic or as murky as those first television images of the moon landing.”
Aisling Foster, TLS

“Incredibly evocative and haunting.. it keeps you reading, wanting to uncover both Natalie’s past and that of Tuomas Envall.”
Clare Heal, Sunday Express
“An elegantly compelling story of how a young girl’s obsession forever changes the lives of those around her.. a disciplined exploration of the complexity of human motivation and our need for redemption.”
Lynne Van Luven , Vancouver Sun

“.a most impressive achievement.”Jessica Mann, Daily Telegraph
“A compelling and unpredictable journey… beautifully written, rolls on at a rapid pace and delivers a satisfying punch at the end.”
Rebecca Caldwell, Globe and Mail.

“A moving, absorbing story.. Kathy Page writes beautifully.”
Helen Dunmore (author of A Spell of Winter)